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Welcome to Mallusecrets.com

Post by malluadmin » Mon Jan 30, 2017 6:09 am

Hi All,

Welcome to Mallusecrets.com. We took almost an year to develop this website and had to spend considerable money and time to keep it active. We will use it to collect all the stories and share with our users. Please not that these stories were uploaded by our users and doesn't belong to us. If anyone of you have any objection to any of the contents, please contact our admins using the contact us page and we will remove it. Please don't upload any stories here, upload all your stories at the mallusecrets.com website and we will make it available to the public. Also, please don't use this forum or website for any fight or exchange profanity. Lets keep it clean and prosper.

Also, we had kept the ads in the website to minimum so that it will not affect your reading experience. Running this website needs money and that is collected by ads in the website. It would be great if you guys click on those ads.

Thanks again and happy reading!!!


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